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Krumpet's brings you FUN, BEAUTIFUL Boutique Products with OUT the Boutique Price! I made my first headband when my first daughter was born in 1998! I've been addicted ever since! Whether it is on top of your head, around your neck or wrist... It is all so much fun to create! I really try and keep mine different and add a twist that is unique and fun. So many designs to choose from out there... thank you for looking at mine!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fianlly have vintage flip flops available to purchase on the site.... and the new Boutique Bags

New Krumpets Bags...... Large Custom Made Bag

Each time I make a bag... I want to keep them... they are so much work... and I totally fall in love with each of them!!!

Please email me for specifics on this bag.... I will only be making 4 more before August (too busy) So get your order in as soon as you can... let me know when you want the bag done by.....
Each Bag is Totally Unique.... and NO ONE will have anything like it!

Size 8/9 toddler
These have so many fun layers of Multiple fabrics..... absolute show stoppers!!!

Size 8/9 Toddler

Size 8/9 Toddler

I have a few large shows coming up in August and wanted to make these available to purchase on the site.... I have about 35 pairs right now......all different so just email me if you would like another style of some more pics.....

thanks! :) only 12.50$$ what a BAGAIN!!!!

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