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Krumpet's brings you FUN, BEAUTIFUL Boutique Products with OUT the Boutique Price! I made my first headband when my first daughter was born in 1998! I've been addicted ever since! Whether it is on top of your head, around your neck or wrist... It is all so much fun to create! I really try and keep mine different and add a twist that is unique and fun. So many designs to choose from out there... thank you for looking at mine!
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Friday, January 7, 2011


JUST A QUCIK NOTE..... KRUMPETS REACHES 1,500 PRODUCTS SOLD AND GONE...out the door baby! I am so thrilled and thankful that you guys love love love and appreciate the hard work that goes into all this "frosting"
After 6 years of making things and selling them slowly, slowly, ever so slowly.... we are finally getting up with the times and getting in gear!!!
So many exciting projects in the works.... I think I might go loooney!

So I hope you have fun FROSTING yourselves this year!!

Stay posted for a give away the 15th of JANUARY!!!


  1. Wow COngrats! Whatta great accomlishment!!!! Btw... we have great taste! We have the SAME blog backround!!! DO you ever come out to California? Specifically the Peninsula aka San Mateo? I would love to see your stuff in person!!! I needa hurry & make my 1st purchase! JUST started to follow you!!!! And I LOVE that movie How to Lose A Guy in 10 DAys!!! "Frost Yourselves!!!" Love it!!!!

  2. Your so sweet! We are actually looking to do a show in california...but don't know exactly when! I will for sure let you know incase it is close to you! I use to live in Morgan Hill and Escondido! Back in the day! haha